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Make Ready For Market

You're making the decision to put your house on the market. That means you're about to be inundated by "helpful" suggestions and "must-do" recommendations from realtors, friends and family. Change this! Upgrade that! Rip that out! Put this in!

It's almost enough to make you just stay put!

Our Make Ready For Market service is designed to help you navigate the process of preparing the house and feel good about your choices as seamlessly as possible. All without a major amount of stress.

Here's how it works: We'll walk through the home with you and assess together the Visual Impact and Physical Condition of the rooms and features of the home. We'll discuss how the house presents itself and examine how quiet your stairs are... how sturdy the railings are... whether the doors and windows operate properly, and much, much more. Our primary focus is to create a plan of items that need to be addressed as well as those things that are perfectly fine.

Accomplishing the tasks on the list will instill the confidence to bring in the realtors and buyers -- and eventually a home inspector -- knowing that the house is quite prepared for market.

It's important to note that Make Ready For Market does not address systems and mechanicals: That is best and most appropriately left to your licensed professionals in their respective fields.

You are free to modify our Make Ready For Market recommendations as you see fit. And you may choose to use All Square Carpentry to affect the adjustment/improvements or possibly choose another provider. Either way, you'll be well on your way toward "on the market and showing!"


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