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Are you sure that your door, windows or deck has reached the end of its useful life span? Many times it’s pretty clear that a window, for example, isn’t doing its job. (Like when it’s all fogged over!) But other times a little TLC, a few replacement parts or some careful adjustments are all it might take to make a drafty window… sticky door… wiggly railing or saggy deck better. Let us take a look. We would love to give you some good news! Products we use include Anderson® and Pella®… Trex® and Fiberon®… Tropical Hardwoods and more.

A modern entry door carefully fit into an existing, exquisite log home. No room for error here!

Premium PVC Railing that's as structural as it is beautiful. Rot and damage will never be an issue for this porch again!

The main beam running the length of this early 1800s porch is made of hand hewn Chestnut. Correctly referred to as a Summer Beam, rot had compromised the integrity of one of its ends. We crafted a new beam -- by hand -- to sister the original. Local maple plus chestnut equals solid as a rock! Over 27' long, it was a bit challenging to erect without taking apart the entire floor, but we did it! We even fabricated custom steel brackets to hold the ends and sister the beams together midspan.

130 years ago, this graceful exterior trim was shaped by hand using a specialized plane. We recreated hundreds of feet of it to faithfully restore the original house details. Interesting what can be accomplished using math, a table saw and some patience!


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