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Make Ready For Market

Welcome to the home of All Square Carpentry and thank you for visiting!

We invite you to click on the section that interests you most: Repair. Because every house needs careful attention to some pretty unglamorous details from time to time. A perfect example is wood that has been damaged by water or carpenter bees. Replace. Because important elements such as doors, windows, railings and decks don't last forever. Renovate. Whether you've recently purchased your house or have lived in your home for a while, sometimes things just need to be improved!

And we're also proud of a special service we offer: Make Ready For Market. It's designed especially for homeowners serious about placing their house on the market. We know these unique clients are eager to make the marketing process simple and easy and our range of services are designed to help them.

All Square Carpentry is located in the heart of Tewksbury Township. Our service area includes all of Tewksbury, Lebanon, Pottersville, Oldwick, Mountainville and Califon. We also service Long Valley, Chester, Clinton, Readington Township, Pittstown and Union Township as well as the greater Somerset County, Morris County and Warren County areas.

We know that it's very possible you are browsing our site during an evening or over a weekend. That's precisely why I'm available at those times. I'll do my best to answer your home-related questions and hopefully make you glad you visited. Just give my iPhone a ring or text!


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